Sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckhorn oil has biostimulating, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial properties. An excellent source of replenishing the lack of vitamins in the body (vitamins of group B (B1, B2, B3, B6, B9), A, E, K, P). Sea buckthorn oil contains vital biologically active substances: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), bioflavonoids, folic acid, as well as silicon, titanium, iron, magnesium and other useful substances.
Composition: sea buckthorn oil, carotenoids not less than 50 mg (in terms of β-carotene).
Sea buckthorn oil has an excellent wound healing, analgesic, tonic and antimicrobial effect and high biological activity and bactericidal properties. It increases the elasticity of blood vessels, improves blood supply and cardiac activity, lowers blood cholesterol levels, strengthens the immune system, normalizes and restores the liver, prevents blood clots, normalizes metabolic processes in the body, improves the functioning of the pancreas and thyroid glands; improves visual perception. Sea buckthorn oil is extremely useful for men, as it helps to maintain masculine strength.
It is effective in cosmetology for treating freckles, age spots, smoothing wrinkles. It is also perfect for hair treatment, as it accelerates hair growth.

Storage conditions: store in a dry place. The temperature should not be above 20°C and the relative humidity should not be above 70%.
Shelf life: 1 year.
Directions for use:
Internal use: take ½ teaspoon of oil extract three times per day.
Topical use: rub ½ teaspoon of oil extract in hands, then apply with massaging movements on the skin of the face and body.

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