Pantohematogen (liquid) for women

100 percent Altai maral blood-based liquid pantohematogen is a natural bioregulator of physiological processes in the human body, which represent an organic complex of proteins, amino acids, minerals (iron), hormone-like substances and vitamins that have high digestibility without any side effects. Pantohematogen slows down the aging process,increases potency, improves performance, stimulates mental activity, lowers cholesterol and strengthens immune system. Maral blood contains phospholipids and hormone-like substances that help to balance hormones and prevent pelvic inflammatory diseases. The product helps to boost endurance during intensive sports training and promotes rapid recovery from illnesses.

Composition: maral blood, sugar syrup, rosehip syrup, water.
Suggested use: Adults take 1-2 spoons (15-30 mg) twice per day with meals.
Duration: 1 month.

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